To add a new user with viewing and editing access to all Center projects, complete the following steps:

From the HSUP secure portal, click the Projects tab at the top of the page.  Click Add/Edit Project Users.

As a best practice, determine whether the individual is currently in the Contacts directory. In the Start typing to find a contact box, begin typing the individual's last name.  If the individual is in the Contacts directory, click over his/her name to edit the profile and skip over the next step.  If the individual is not in the Contacts directory, click Add New User and proceed to the next step.

Enter the individual's first and last name.  Enter the individual's email address.

Select COE Admin from the HSUP Portal Role dropdown menu.

Add the individual's main institution. To do this, begin typing the name of the institution in the Choose main institution... box. When the institution appears in the pick list, click over it to add it to the box.

Add the individual's center.  To do this, begin typing the name of the center in the Choose COEs... box.  When the center appears in the pick list, click over it to add it to the box.

Select Yes under Send Portal Welcome Email and Login Information.  Note: If the individual is currently a member of the HSUP secure portal and you are simply changing his/her role in the Project Reporting System, select No.  Click Save Personnel Information.

Click the HSUP logo in the upper-left corner. Click Access the Project Reporting System.

Click View to the right of the user's Center.

Click View Users.

 In the Search box, begin typing the user's last name.  Locate the user from the list, and click Roles on the far right.

Select Center Admin from the Role at COE dropdown.  Click Save.